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Youchip offers this module as a solution to manage the Check-in and Check-out processes of festivalgoers and the staff organizers. Eliminating the need to go around with a card ticket and present it in each entrance, we provide the ideal replacement via an activated RFID-enabled wristband. The information that the ticket would held is written to the chip within seconds, activating the possibility to validate your access in all the areas of the events.

Our solution offers management of events split in different areas and zones, through access validation in each entrance. Managing the re-entry option to avoid re-usage of tickets and offering an access history via the online management system for a better analysis and overview.


Each entrance is equipped with devices that perform RFID scanning to automate the process of scanning customers in and out. This allows to manage easily specific areas that need to be secured or observed more carefully, such as cash counting locations, by authorizing the entrance only to those with the right permissions on their RFID chip.

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Youchip provides also the means to manage access into different areas of the site of an event or festival. Instead of relying on security guards to conduct visual checks on colours of wristbands or even requesting paper tickets each time, Youchip uses RFID to manage and control these permissions.

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Crowd Management

Each wristband is equipped with localisation features to provide important real-time crowd dynamics data to the security staff. Through the location information it will become easier for organizers to manage and give guidance to attendees based on real-time location data for example to indicate areas that have reached maximum capacity. We offer to our customers, visual representation of high and low traffic flow areas.

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