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Our Mission.

About Us

To change the world of cashless payment

About Us.

We are YouChip’s team. A group of people who come to work every day because we want to change the future of payment. YouChip started up in 2011, and we’ve been going strong ever since. From our start as a software and hardware service provider to organizing the first big event with 25.000 participants in 2013, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs—make events and festivals easy and safe through technology—and to deliver an exceptional experience for our clients.

Everyone can use our equipment and service tools. Whether you are an event promoter, an organizer, a vendor selling products or just a guest who is there to enjoy the party, YouChip allows exciting experiences that cannot be covered by any previous payment method.

Across all facets of business, people need data to make quicker and more informed decisions. Our mission at YouChip is to support them by making our system more monitored and transparent. Today we provide the most updated data and insights on the transactions related to every access and payment point distributed within the event. We want the event organiser to have insight in this data as well as vendors into their transactions to help them monitor an event in real time.

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